APRIL 2022

Mountain Messenger News  

Welcome back, Cougars! I hope you were able to enjoy your break! If you were like me and used the break to recharge, then you are ready to come back with a "spring" in your step to take on the last quarter of school! That's right! We are in the 4th quarter and moving at rapid speed! There is still plenty of teaching and learning happening as we prepare for moments of exciting fun and celebrations! Learn hard, play hard, and grow hard because that is what Cougars do! Let's keep the momentum going and finish strong! 





Have you heard the news? Mountain Road Elementary School students get to participate in an amazing spring school fundraiser! Students are encouraged to participate in character building meetings with their peers, celebrate personal wellness, and support the school in an awesome and totally cool FUN RUN! This isn't your average FUN RUN as students will be asked to engage in creative tasks and rewarded with classroom incentives. We are collecting donations to build a new playspace for our students to enjoy for years to come! The best news is the school gets to keep 100% of all donations! That's right...100% of all donations go right back to our school!


When: 04/14-04/22

04/14 Student Kick Off and Pep Rally 

04/11-04/22 Donation Window

04/22 FUN RUN!!!!


WHO: Everyone can contribute in helping the school reach their goal of having a new playspace for students to enjoy for years to come!


Where: The FUN RUN will take place at the school on 04/22/22 during student's specials time


Donations can be made here: Remember...100% of what is donated, we get to keep!



  • Car Rider- Morning drop off stops at 7:33

  • Changes in transportation need to be communicated with the teacher and the front office

  • All changes need to be communicated before 2:00

  • No check-outs after 2:00


This year students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will participate in the GA Standardized Milestones Test. This test is used to see mastery of grade level standards, student progress, and target areas of growth. More information will be coming out about the test, testing strategies, and what parents can do at home to ensure successful testing days. Please see the testing schedule below. 


This community is amazing! We were able to collect over $1400 this year to give back to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital and March of Dimes! Way to go Cougar family! 


Kindergarten registration is happening NOW! Please register using CCSD's Registration Gateway, reach out to our school registrar Kim Rowland to complete registration, and sign up for a time to come in for the kindergarten screener. We can't wait to meet all our future Cougars! 


Registration Gateway:




  • Ice Cream will be sold on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until further notice.All ice cream is $1.00 (cash only), and a portion of the money will go back to the school!

  • On the 3rd Wednesday of every month, students will be able to purchase Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt for $3.00. This is a great fundraiser for the school! 

  • Please make sure you send the money in an envelope or Ziplock baggie labeled with your child’s first and last name. 








  • 04/13-04/14 Kindergarten Screening Days

  • 04/14 FUN RUN Kick-Off 

  • 04/14-04/22 FUN RUN Donations 

  • 04/16 CCSD Academic Bowl @Dean Rusk Middle School 

  • 04/18 Culver's Spirit Night 

  • 04/20 Menchie's Day 

  • 04/20 2nd Grade Performance 

  • 04/21 Instructional Media Committee

  • 04/21 Kindergarten Screening after school 

  • 04/22 FUN RUN!

  • 04/25-04/29 3rd Grade Milestones

  • 05/02-05/06 4th Grade Milestones

  • 05/02-05/06 Teacher Appreciation Week

  • 05/05 School Council 

  • 05/09-05/13 5th Grade Milestones

  • 05/18 Menchie's Day 

  • 05/18 Kindergarten and 1st Grade Field Day 

  • 05/19 2nd and 3rd Field Day 

  • 05/19 5th Grade Extended Day Field Trip 

  • 05/20 4th and 5th Field Day 

  • 05/20 5th Grade Party 

  • 05/24 Election Day 

  • 05/25 1st Grade Party

  • 05/25 2nd Grade Party

  • 05/25 4th Grade Party

  • 05/26 3rd Grade Party 

  • 05/26 Kindergarten Party 

  • 05/26 5th Grade Award's Day Celebration...more info to come!

  • 05/27 Journey Reveal Celebration/Party 

  • 05/27 Last Day of School for Students