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A Great Way to Show School Spirit and Support Our School!

The purpose of the Spirit Rock is to promote school spirit at Mountain Road Elementary School. Parents, caregivers, students & staff have the opportunity to “Rent the Rock” to recognize a student’s birthday, show school spirit, thank or recognize a teacher or staff member, mark congratulatory events, etc. It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement in our community! 100% of the funds raised through the Spirit Rock will be used by the PTA for school beautification and other activities for the benefit of our students and school.


*By reserving a date, you agree to adhere to the below-mentioned guidelines.


  • Reservations MUST be made in order to paint the Spirit Rock. Click on the Make A Reservation to see available dates.

  • Reservations open at the beginning of the school year. Reserving the Spirit Rock is $20. Payment must be received within 48 hours of your signup request, or your signup date will be forfeited. All payments and reservations are non-refundable for any reason (changed your mind, inclement weather, etc). However, if you decide you do not want your date, you can offer it to a friend or sell it to another family—you must update this information on Sign-Up Genius.

  • Only one person per day may reserve the Spirit Rock.  It is a first come, first serve basis.

  • Reservations must be made by a parent or teacher on behalf of a student or student group.

  • All contact regarding the Spirit Rock should be made to the PTA.  Calls cannot be made to the front office for reservation purposes or any issues having to do with the Spirit Rock. 

  • Once reserved, you will have the rock for 24 hours.  Your time begins at 3:00 PM the day before your reservation until 3:00 pm the day of your reservation.  (For example: if you reserve the rock for September 15th, you’ll have the Spirit Rock beginning at 3:00 PM on September 14th through 3:00 PM on September 15th.)

  • Paint and painting supplies are not provided by the school or PTA.  The person reserving the rock is responsible for painting the rock or hiring someone to do it.

  • The area around the Spirit Rock must be left neat and tidy and paint-free. ONLY the face of the Rock may be painted. DO NOT paint the grass or any other material surrounding the Rock. Please use a plastic tarp or other covering to protect the mulch surrounding the rock. The individual or group will be held financially responsible for cleaning and/or repair costs associated with violation of this policy.  Anyone painting the Rock must leave the area in clean condition.

  • Remove all paint materials and litter from the site and be sure the paint is disposed of properly (not on school property.)

  • All rules as outlined in the CCSD Code of Student Conduct MUST be obeyed. No exceptions. (No bullying, profanity, obscenity, or derogatory language.)

  • Reminders for reservations will not be sent by the school or PTA.  Make sure to mark your calendars!

  • If you reserved the Rock, but can’t remember the date you reserved log into the MRES Spirit Rock Sign-Up Genius.

Tips & Tricks:


  • The most popular paint to use is to spray paint. You will probably need 2-3 cans for a good base coat (more if your base coat is white). Please note that, latex paint and paint that is rolled on will take several hours to dry, as opposed to spray paint, which dries in several minutes.

  • Please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans!

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